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Decisions about careers take place in multiple contexts. Learners in primary school dream about what they will become when they grow up. High school learners grapple with school and subject choices for entry into learning pathways that will take them into chosen careers. College and university students explore various career options that lead from post school qualifications. And in the workplace, junior, middle and even senior level career professionals make decisions about future career pathways.

To support these green career decisions, we have developed a number of resources. Some of these are new, while others have been around for some time. These materials could be useful for:

primary users who use this information to make career decisions, like learners, students and employees in schools, colleges, universities and the workplace, and
secondary users who share the careers information, such as teachers, lecturers and career counsellors.
This e-flyer has links to download the various resources and other useful information. The following icons will help you navigate to the resources that would best suit your context. Click on the resources to access guidelines for using them and the downloads.
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